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Continuum Photonics and EdenTree Technologies Announce Partnership to Provide Automation Solutions for Optical Test

Companies jointly demonstrate manufacturing lab automation application at Cisco's Toolapalooza Vendor Show

San Jose, CA, May 20, 2004 - Continuum Photonics, a supplier of advanced photonic switch products, and EdenTree Technologies, innovator of the Network Lab Automation Framework™, today announced a strategic partnership to develop fully integrated solutions for optical test. Simultaneous with the announced partnership, Continuum and EdenTree will be demonstrating a remote manufacturing test application at Toolapalooza, Cisco Systems' trade show for test tool solutions, taking place today and tomorrow in San Jose. The demonstration consists of EdenTree's Connect_ET® lab resource management application remotely operating and switching optical instruments connected to a Continuum DirectLight® IG switch located in Continuum's headquarters near Boston.

The DirectLight IG switches from Continuum are scalable, non-blocking optical switches, transparent to protocol and line rate, and ideal for physical and protocol layer testing and automation in manufacturing production and lab environments. The Connect_ET client/server software from EdenTree is an easy-to-use application allowing laboratory configurations to be quickly created, stored, retrieved, and automatically connected, managing the company's own mechatronic switches or third party switches such as the DirectLight switch. The solution allows expensive lab equipment to be shared and physical connections to be remotely switched. A highly secure application layer protocol built in to EdenTree's applications provides security for the remote communications.

"EdenTree is committed to offering our customers an operating system that can manage multiple aspects of network labs, including physical layer connectivity, multi-user scheduling, and remote access, managing our switch as well as other switches that our customers are choosing for their labs," says Roberta Parker, EdenTree's vice president of marketing. " We are pleased to work with Continuum and integrate our software with their switches, which provide an attractive combination of switching, optical attenuation, and power meter capabilities."

Users can schedule and conduct full test plans, whether the lab is located down the hall or across the country. "This is a powerful example of integration between our respective products, and highlights the value that can be delivered to the user through automation of the physical layer connectivity and proper test management," states Aaron Bent, Continuum's vice president of marketing. Using EdenTree's Connect_ET product, users in San Jose can control the equipment located at Continuum to power cycle equipment, query and set connectivity (switch maps) between various equipment ports, conduct tests, and receive test results. Bent adds "we are seeing increasing examples of test and development engineers who realize that automation is critical to enabling the required level of quality and efficiency demanded of today's more complex optical components and systems. The flexibility of the EdenTree products make them a clear choice for partnering in providing these solutions."

About Continuum Photonics

Headquartered within Boston's high-tech beltway, Continuum is dedicated to bringing the highest performance photonic subsystem and system products to its customers. Leveraging commonality across its platform of patented technologies, DirectLight optical switches are the first in a series of products from Continuum aimed at changing the traditional economics of the communications and test industries. Founded in 1998, Continuum brings together a world-class team, and an extensive product history in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, and the military, where Continuum's products have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements. Continuum is supported through investments by Flagship Ventures, Prism Venture Partners, Harris and Harris Group, GE Capital, MTDC, Arcadian Venture Partners, and Gainesborough Investments.

For more information, please visit www.continuumphotonics.com

About EdenTree Technologies

Based in Camarillo, CA, along the "101 Technology Corridor", EdenTree is initially focused on providing high technology equipment manufacturers with automated solutions for their R&D, Manufacturing, and Sales Demo laboratories, helping them reduce time to market, increase productivity, and save money.

The company's first product, Connect_ET, is a client/server software application that controls automated switching infrastructure and robotics, allowing laboratory resources to be managed, accessed, switched, reserved, monitored, and controlled remotely. With Connect_ET, our customers have more efficient, 24x7 accessible labs with reliable, robust, and secure remote access of all devices, dramatic reduction of failure points, and improved test-tracking and scheduling.

For more information, please visit www.edentreetech.com

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