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Polatis to demonstrate optical switching solutions in carrier network applications at GlobalComm 2006

Optical switches show new value in video, network provisioning and restoration, network monitoring, and systems acceptance testing

Boston, MA, May 24, 2006 – Polatis Inc, a supplier of high performance optical switch products will showcase the use of its switches in carrier network applications at GlobalComm 2006, next month. Attendees in Chicago will be able to interact with switching demonstrations as part of a high definition video network, a remote fiber test system for network monitoring & fault location, a network protection and restoration site, and product acceptance test facility. The live product demonstrations will take place in the Polatis booth #56044, during exhibition hours Monday June 5 through Wednesday June 7.

Polatis is focusing these product demonstrations on illustrating the ability of optical switching to provide high value solutions to carriers/service providers and equipment providers. “Renewed growth in fiber deployments, both in the access and core, are driving operators to consider the use of optical switches as part of improved fiber management strategies,” said Aaron Bent, Polatis vice president of Marketing. “Optical switching can provide significant operational savings by provisioning fiber or wavelengths as part of a centralized management approach. The combination of new cost points, network-level reliability, and high performance has made optical switching a compelling solution to a wide range of network applications.”

At GlobalComm 2006, Polatis will showcase its products, which have been deployed by some of the world’s largest carriers, equipment manufacturers, and defense contractors for a variety of demanding applications, as part of demonstrations that range from initial product acceptance test to monitoring of in-service networks. These demonstrations include:

· Network Monitoring and Fault Location: To illustrate the effectiveness of a switch as part of a fiber-layer management strategy, Polatis will demonstrate its HPA product in a scenario where it will be used to actively monitor and locate fiber faults, and to allow restoration of services. Centralized strategies to monitoring, fault location, and restoration deliver greatly reduced operational costs & improved mean time to repair (MTTR). The HPA is the first switch of its kind: a fast-switching, non-blocking, asymmetric switch that allows dark-fiber monitoring.

· Network Protection and Restoration: Polatis will highlight the application of its products in the protection and restoration of network services in the event of equipment or path failure. The demonstration will illustrate a 4 node system, with the capability of detecting loss of signal & providing rapid switch-over to pre-provisioned paths as part of a shared protection strategy. The demonstration highlights the fast, dark-fiber switch capabilities of the Polatis OST platform.

· Routing Video in Broadcast Networks: Polatis will demonstrate optical switching of uncompressed high definition (HD) video signals in an end-to-end SMPTE-292 HD network. The TrinityTM product is a family of optical video routing switchers, specialized for customers in the video transport, broadcast, and post-production industries. The Trinity product delivers seamless integration with today’s broadcast networks, immediately enabling cost-effective long distance transport & switching of HD traffic in the optical-layer.

· Network Products Acceptance Testing: Polatis will integrate switching with optical test equipment, as part of a “total test solution” demonstration, to illustrate the power of a switch to effectively automate tests in production and carrier lab environments. Switching can dramatically increase throughput in acceptance testing by enabling 24/7 cycling, while reducing errors and increasing equipment utilization. The recently launched Polatis VST product, a combined switch, integrated VOA and power meter, is ideal for labs that conduct system interoperability testing, new release testing, testing of management systems, and network architecture span design.

Polatis will conduct its demonstrations with the cooperation of JDSU and Thomson Grass Valley. JDSU is the worldwide distributor for Polatis products in the test and measurement industry. Thomson, through its Grass Valley Division, is a world leading provider of broadcast equipment.

About Polatis

Since inception in 2000, Polatis has set the benchmark in ultra-low loss optical switching. Its patented DirectLight(R) optical beam steering technology is powering the creation of highly reliable and compact photonic switching solutions. Polatis delivers a broad range of optical switching products with class-leading performance to customers in the communications, video, defense and instrumentation sectors. The company has headquarters located near Boston, Massachusetts and in Cambridge, UK. Polatis Inc. is supported through investments by 3i Group, Alta Berkeley, Prelude Trust, EonTech Ventures, Flagship Ventures, Prism Venture Partners, JK&B Capital, Boston Millennia Partners, Harris and Harris Group, GE Capital, MTDC, Arcadian Venture Partners, and Gainesborough Investments.

To learn more please visit our website at: www.polatis.com

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Aaron A. Bent, PhD
VP, Marketing and Business Development
Polatis, Inc.
978-670-4910, x189