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Continuum Photonics Selects Applied MEMS (an Input/Output Company) To Develop Its DirectLight Photonic Switch Technology

Billerica, MA - November 6, 2001 - Continuum Photonics, an emerging innovator in the optical networking market, announced that it has selected Applied MEMS, Inc. (an Input/Output company), as its strategic partner in the development and production of Continuum's core MEMS components for its DirectLight™ family of photonic switches. DirectLight's innovative, patent-pending technology offers significant advantages over competing products in the areas of cost effectiveness, performance, and reliability.

"This is a significant step in our strategic plan for outsourcing major components of our switch", noted Aaron Bent, Continuum's President. "We had several options, including building our own foundry, as some others have opted to do. After thoroughly evaluating the alternatives, we came to the clear conclusion that partnering with Applied MEMS - a proven entity with significant production experience - was far and away the best choice to produce the core MEMS components for DirectLight. In working with such a strong partner, we've eliminated the start-up, financial and production risks we would have otherwise faced".

DirectLight's unique, patent-pending technology and architecture offer system manufacturers ultra low loss, low cost, very small footprint and other features that make it an ideal solution for Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) applications. In addition, the combination of innovative technology and design will result in higher reliability and durability than is possible with other optical switch approaches. DirectLight is scalable and is therefore also appropriate for aggregation and long haul applications.

Dr. Howard Goldberg, Business Development Manager for Applied MEMS said, "We are delighted to be working with Continuum Photonics, a leading-edge technology pioneer." Dr. Goldberg continued, "We consider this a unique opportunity to help bring a breakthrough technology to market, while simultaneously furthering our strategy of becoming the foundry partner of choice for end users of MEMS".

About Continuum Photonics

Headquartered within Boston's high-tech beltway, Continuum is dedicated to bringing the highest performance photonic subsystem and system products to its customers. Leveraging commonality across its platform of patented technologies, DirectLight optical switches are the first in a series of products from Continuum aimed at changing the traditional economics of the communications and test industries. Founded in 1998, Continuum brings together a world-class team, and an extensive product history in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, and the military, where Continuum's products have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements. Continuum is supported through investments by Flagship Ventures, Prism Venture Partners, Harris and Harris Group, GE Capital, MTDC, Arcadian Venture Partners, and Gainesborough Investments.

For more information, please visit www.continuumphotonics.com

About Applied MEMS

Applied MEMS, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Input/Output, Inc. (NYSE: IO), has operated a 35,000 sq. ft. MEMS manufacturing facility in Stafford, TX since 1997, that includes a world-class, high-volume, automated six-inch wafer fabrication facility; a custom packaging facility; and test/characterization capabilities that are dedicated to MEMS product development and production. Applied MEMS employs more than 25 MEMS professionals experienced in the design, fabrication, packaging and testing of MEMS products and systems. Over 22 patents have either been issued to Applied MEMS or are pending, covering key MEMS product designs and manufacturing process elements. Applied MEMS offers integrated foundry services for fabless MEMS product vendors; the Si-Flexä product line, which represents the lowest-noise commercial MEMS accelerometer currently available; and the DuraScanä micro-mirror technology for beam positioning, optical switching, and display applications.

For more information, please visit www.appliedmems.com

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Continuum Photonics, Inc.
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