- SDN Enabled Energy Efficient Optical Circuit Switch
    - Managed Cross-Connects for Colocation Peering & Monitoring
    - Dynamic Optical Connectivity for Router Bypass
    - Transparent All-Optical Cross-Connects to 192x192 Ports
    - Integrated Dark Fiber Provisioning, Monitoring & Test
    - Optical Layer Automatic Protection Switching
    - Robust Solutions for Secure Network Monitoring & Reconfiguration
    - Leading Edge Performance for DWDM and RF Photonics
    - Successfully Deployed in Major Systems for 10+ years
    - Optical Test Automation for Photonic Device Manufacture
    - Programmable Optical Interconnect for System Integration Test
    - Transparent Performance delivers Repeatable Parametric Tests
    - Bidirectional Sensor Multiplexing for Optical Condition Monitoring

    - Enables Cost-Effective Fiber Sharing Among Many Instruments

    - Lowest Loss Connections allow Sensitive Parametric Measurement

    - Protocol-Agnostic All-Optical Video Routing for 4K Ultra HD ++
    - Reconfigurable Optical Interconnect for HD Studio Provisioning
    - Proven Reliability for Live Outside Broadcast Video Feeds
Polatis and Quali Deliver Dynamic Fiber Layer Management Solution
for Automating Network Equipment and System Lab Testing
New solution enables dynamic provisioning of Layer 1 resources to create flexible
"production-like" environments for network equipment and system-wide testing. (read more)
New Product Showcase

World Leading Technology
  • DirectLight® dark fiber all-optical matrix switch with industry leading performance
  • Rated by end users as the most reliable all-optical circuit switch in the industry
  • Typical optical loss below 1dB
  • Configurable from 4x4 to 192x192 ports
  • Versatile control features include software defined network (SDN) support
  • Resilient architecture with high availability
  • Signal monitoring, fast optical layer automatic protection switching and optical power leveling functions available

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Polatis and QualiSystems Partner
Deliver Dynamic Fiber Layer Management Solution for Automating Network Equipment and System Lab Testing
read full press release
Polatis Introduces Industry's Smallest Ultra Low Loss 48-Fiber Single-Sided All-Optical Switching Module
read full press release
Polatis Launches New Protection Services Switch (PSS) for Simple, Cost-Effective Wavelength and Fiber Services Protection
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Polatis and World Wide
Technology Partner
Bring Best-in-Class Optical Networking Solutions to Enterprise, Government and Service Provider Customers
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Polatis SDN-Enabled Optical Switches Selected to Power Bristol Smart City Network
New software-defined optical network will provide the foundation for an open programmable smart city
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