TEST & MEASUREMENT - Network Equipment Manufacturer Solutions

Network equipment manufacturers have to deliver higher-quality products faster and more efficiently, and they need more reliable test results and increased testing efficiency. POLATIS optical circuit switches, working in conjunction with test automation software, can augment existing test infrastructures to enable network equipment manufacturers to efficiently test performance over the network and measure and optimize performance. They are also agnostic with regard to protocols, data rates (up to 400 GBs and beyond) and power levels so do not need to be upgraded or replaced as network performance increases over time.
Superior Optical Performance
  • POLATIS offers superior optical performance for test and measurement.
  • Low insertion loss minimizes impact of test results per connection with ULTRA performance on switches up to 96x96.
  • Low return loss minimizes impairments of higher bit rate signals and low crosstalk enhances security.
  • High stability connections protect the integrity of test results.
  • Physical Layer Optical Circuit Switch Technology
  • Patented DirectLight TM piezo-actuated beam-steering fabric with absolute position sensors enables the highest performance and reliability characteristics of any optical switch without the drawbacks of traditional optical switch architectures.
  • Switching is independent of light color, direction or power level.
  • POLATIS switches can make and hold dark fiber connections.
  • Modular Fabric Scales from 16x16 to 576x576
  • A wide range of switch matrix sizes, all in rack-mount chassis, to suit differing scales of operation.
  • Module form factors available for OEM integration.
  • High-Reliability Architecture
  • A high reliability architecture means that customers can rely on POLATIS switches for testing under stringent requirements.
  • Dual redundant power supplies, fans and network interface cards are all field replaceable units to support highest availability possible.
  • Dark Fiber Switching
  • POLATIS is the only switch on the market to support True Dark Fiber Switching (DFS), where a connection can be made and held without light on the fiber.
  • DFS simplifies turning up or restoring testing where signals may be intermittent.
  • DFS minimizes the delay in turning up tests across multiple test scenarios.
  • Software Interfaces
  • POLATIS offers a broad range of command line and SDN application interfaces so developers can efficiently manage, control and scale network resources.
  • POLATIS switches are supported by many of the leading test automation and orchestration software packages.