The driver that interfaces CloudShell to Polatis switches is available on the Quali Support Portal

The integration of Polatis and Quali allows Quali CloudShell software to control Polatis all-optical switching products, providing the ability to reconfigure Layer 1 resources dynamically from anywhere in the world. Further, it enables the orchestration needed to seamlessly manage higher layer network elements, and other connected equipment, from a single control point. Polatis switches ultra-low loss and superior optical performance enable them to be used in a wide range of different network applications with virtually no latency and minimal system impairments.

Quali is the leading provider of solutions that help development, test, support, partner, and sales groups to deliver faster and better by transforming their labs and datacenters into purpose-built clouds. Quali provides the only cloud management platform that enables users to create personalized environments that are replicas of even the most complex production environments. CloudShell automates the creation, orchestration, activation and monitoring of physical and virtual resources on private and public clouds. 20% of the Global 100 Corporations have adopted Cloudshell, with millions of datacenter resources under management.

Quali CloudShell provides an all-encompassing Lab Infrastructure Service solution, utilizing optical switching as one of its key components. CloudShell makes it easy to dynamically create point to point connections between devices in a visio-like environment diagram. At reservation time, the route activation automatically configures the connectivity mapping in the corresponding L0/L1 fabric. CloudShell also introduces services such as Inventory Management, Resource Scheduling and Reporting to the overall solution.

Quali CloudShell and TestShell automation and orchestration platform integrated with Polatis family of fiber layer switching products provides an easy-to-use and extremely flexible solution for configuring fiber layer connectivity on-demand. The joint solution enables infrastructure vendors, data center operators and network service providers to quickly, and simply, execute complex equipment, system and service testing.