• POLATIS 576x576 with optional rear mounted connectors and spare ports


Polatis 576- 576x576 port Software-Defined Optical Circuit Switch

The POLATIS 576 represents a major advance in the size and performance of POLATIS all-optical circuit switches. The largest non-blocking optical circuit switch now available on the market features an all-new internal architecture designed to enhance in-field reliability,availability and serviceability and a new optical core design, enabling a higher port density, reducing energy consumption and saving valuable rack space.

The control system is distributed and closely integrated at the level of the optical ports. Coupled with built in control redundancy, this greatly enhances the resilience and reliability of the switch for operations in mission-critical applications.

To further protect mission-critical services, the POLATIS 576 can be equipped with field- addressable spare ports so that an interruption on any port can be bypassed rapidly by moving the fiber to a spare and reassigning the port in software.

The core of the POLATIS 576 is built on Polatis’ patented DirectLight™ optical switching platform that has been proven in the most challenging data center, telecom and defense and test applications for over two decades.

The POLATIS 576 enables applications to scale with no additional impact on optical budgets. It reduces the time to revenue by enabling the automation of testing in network test laboratories and the automaton of cross connects in data centers. It helps to reduce the risk to networks and national security by allowing network monitoring and cybersecurity applications to survey more lines more cost-effectively. The POLATIS 576 is the ultimate in reliable all-optical switching solutions.

Moving to a spare port could not be easier. Move the fiber and reassign the port in software.

  • 576x576 switch matrix in compact form for increased port density
  • Optional field-addressable 16x16 spare ports for increased availability
  • New resilient, redundant architecture with integrated control for increased reliability
  • All firmware upgradeable in the field for ease of service
  • Dual redundant power supplies and network interface card hot-swappable in the field
  • Low insertion loss, low latency and fast switching speeds underpin the superior optical performance
  • Fiber break simulation feature as standard
  • Optional optical power meters on all ports
  • Dark fiber switching
  • Bi-directional optics
  • SDN-enabled with integrated RESTCONF/NETCONF interfaces
  • New, updated web UI
  • Protocol and bit rate agnostic to accommodate future network upgrades