GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS - Lowest Loss Secure Network Optical Switches

Government agencies and defense organizations increasingly need high-performance communications to
complete their missions. All optical technology delivers the speed and scale needed to meet their objectives.

However, they also require communications that are secure, reliable, manageable, scalable and cost effective. Polatis offers proven all-optical matrix switches with best-in-class performance, offering less than 1 dB optical loss, optical return loss of -55dB and DirectLight® piezoelectric beam-steering architectures that are substantially more energy efficient than conventional Optical-to-Electrical-to-Optical (OEO) equipment.

Repeatedly proven in the field, Polatis switching platforms have been deployed over the past ten years in a wide variety of mission-critical government and defense applications so organizations can confidently build secure, all-optical networks. Switching in the optical domain avoids electrical regeneration - so data stays secure. Polatis switches are immune to electronic countermeasures, with no opportunity for signal emission, blocking or intrusion so that government and defense organizations can rely on dependable and secure high-performance communications for mission-critical networks.
Route - Replicate - Monitor - Protect
Each application for government agencies and defense organizations is unique, and Polatis offers a wide range of solutions for government and defense that help cut operational costs while improving the overall security, reliability, manageability and performance of the optical network. To the left are a few of the applications addressed by Polatis government and defense solutions. Contact the Polatis Federal Team to schedule a consultative technical session to discuss your switching requirements.
Superior Optical Performance
  • Impairment free, all-optical switching preserves sensitive signal characteristics.
  • Ultra-Low loss minimizes the need for amplification.
  • Best available return loss minimizes network impacts.
  • Low crosstalk enhances security by only sending signals where they are intended to go.
  • The only all-optical switch suitable for distribution of analog based, RF over fiber signals..
  • Polatis provides the best performing switch family available today, enabling new applications and architectures.
  • Powerful and User Friendly Control Interfaces
  • SDN interface enables the optical switches to coexist with packet switches under centralized management control for efficiently orchestrating topology changes.
  • SDN enabled with NETCONF and RESTCONF control interfaces allow government Data Center operators to reconfigure networks on demand to deploy capacity where it is most needed and make the most productive use of network resources at the lowest cost.
  • Carrier class SNMP and TL1 interfaces available.
  • Intuitive Web based GUI for manual operation.
  • High-Reliability for Mission Critical Applications
  • A high reliability architecture with no single point of failure means that government operators can rely on Polatis switches for mission-critical applications.
  • The accumulated actuator life on field-deployed switches from Polatis exceeds a billion hours with no failures.
  • The Polatis Series 6000s 192x192 switch projected Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) exceeds 20 years.
  • Dark Fiber Switching
  • Dark Fiber Switching (DFS) enables a connection to be made and held without light on the fiber.
  • DFS simplifies turning up or restoring services where signals may be intermittent.
  • DFS allows Polatis' switches to work with a wider range of optical signals and signal powers.
  • Polatis offers the only true dark fiber switches on the market.
  • Competitive Pricing with Superior Performance
  • Polatis offers solutions that provide best-in-class performance at an attractive price and offers scalable, high-capacity, low-latency optical switching that allows government organizations to future-proof their communications infrastructure.