Polatis believes in the power of partnerships as an important and strategic way to fulfill the needs of its customers. Polatis Technology and Products bring unique capabilities to our partners to deliver complete Solutions to our customers. Polatis brings the best-in-class solution for optical connectivity across a multitude of market segments. Polatis seeks other companies with best-in-class products and solutions and an aggressive business plan leading to market leadership. For Polatis Alliance partners, a number of advantages from partnership are possible, including:
  • Collective branding and awareness programs
  • Shared trade show displays and demonstrations
  • Product integration and partner interoperability certification
  • Lead generation and co-sales opportunities
  • Joint RFI/RFP responses

Polatis Alliance Partners fit into the following categories:
  • Platform partners
  • Test equipment manufacturers
  • Lab infrastructure automation software developers
  • Network equipment systems vendors
  • Government and defense systems

View our Polatis Alliance Partners, and to participate in the Polatis Alliance Partner program, establish interoperability or for other channel partner-related inquiries, contact info.polatis@hubersuhner.com. If you are already a member of the Polatis Alliance Partner Program and would like secure access to partner content, log into our Partner Portal.