TEST & MEASUREMENT - Network Equipment Manufacturer Solutions

Network equipment manufacturers need to deliver higher-quality products faster and more efficiently, and they need more reliable test results and increased testing efficiency. Similarly, telecommunications service providers need to be able to measure upstream and downstream traffic to ensure network performance and meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and efficiently troubleshoot, isolate and resolve any network issues. Polatis optical switches can help. Available in a wide variety of standalone and OEM form factors, Polatis optical switches augment existing test infrastructures to enable network equipment manufacturers and service providers to efficiently test performance over the network and measure and optimize performance.

Polatis Multiplies Efficiency of Optical Test Solutions

Polatis optical switches can do a lot-in small, power-saving standalone and OEM form factors. Not only can they enable a variety of optical connectivity options, like integrated monitoring and testing and automated fiber distribution; they also can accommodate any speed (including 100Gbs) and any protocol anywhere and anytime. This makes an investment in Polatis switches for testing one that will last. Additionally, Polatis low price points and diverse form factors make it easy to integrate optical switch technology into an almost unlimited range of applications, equipment and management platforms.

Polatis optical switches not only have the lowest loss of any optical switch on the market, they also are 100Gbs ready today. That means that network equipment manufacturers can use Polatis technology to test 40Gbs and 100Gbs implementations simply, smoothly and reliably, and optical transceiver manufacturers can effectively utilize high-performance testing. Polatis low-loss characteristics ensure reliable and accurate test results and very fast switching speeds to ensure efficient and effective test processes. Polatis optical switches can be used to augment existing Layer 1 test equipment to increase test bandwidth. To the left are a few of the applications addressed by Polatis test & measurement solutions.

Superior Optical Performance
  • Polatis offers superior optical performance for test and measurement.
  • Low loss minimizes impact of test results per connection.
  • Low return loss minimizes impairments of higher bit rate signals and low crosstalk enhances security.
  • Pure Physical Layer Optical Fiber Matrix Switch Technology
  • DirectLight beam-steering fabric with piezo actuation absolute position sensors enables the highest performance and reliability characteristics of any optical switch without the drawbacks of traditional optical switch architectures.
  • Switching is independent of light color, direction or power level.
  • Polatis systems support the connection of dark fibers.
  • Modular Fabric Scales from 4x4 to 192x192
  • Polatis optical switching platforms offer common building blocks for maintaining linear economics across a broad product range, with rack-mount chassis.
  • Module form factors available for OEM integration.
  • Carrier-Class Software & Interfaces
  • Polatis offers broad range of software and interfaces so developers can efficiently manage, control and scale network resources.
  • High-Reliability Architecture
  • A high reliability architecture with no single point of failure means that customers can rely on Polatis switches for testing under stringent requirements.
  • The accumulated actuator life of on field-deployed switches from Polatis exceeds a billion hours with no failures.
  • Polatis Series switches are NEBS 3+ certified and its projected Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is in excess of 20 years.
  • Dark Fiber Switching
  • Dark Fiber Switching (DFS) is where a connection can be made and held without light on the fiber.
  • Polatis offers the only true dark fiber switches on the market.
  • DFS simplifies turning up or restoring testing where signals may be intermittent.
  • It minimizes the delay in turning up tests across multiple test scenarios
  • Competitive Pricing with Superior Performance
  • Polatis offers test and measurement solutions that provide world-class performance at an attractive price and offers scalable, high-capacity, low-latency optical switching that allows service providers and network equipment vendors to future-proof their test and measurement capabilities.